Do you know the salary of a bodyguard?

The human protectors, sometimes referred to as the bodyguards by most people, are associated with the security system for one being protected. They offer the service of protection to a client, company, or any institution at an agreed payment with the party being protected. the salary of a bodyguard or security agent depends on various factors like the county, the type of person, or the type of institution being protected.

In this article, we shall look at the various roles, systems, and the bodyguard’s salary overall.

Roles of to the bodyguard

The security agents perform various functions depending on the private or public sectors. We will begin with the famous private sector.

The bodyguard is responsible for organizing the entire system and transforming the system into a well-organized structure. The leader organises the team bringing all bodyguards together, then gives each person roles and responsibilities and gives out warnings and things not to do.

The special bodyguards’ skills make them the best people to assess security threats and implement strategies to prevent them from occurring. A bodyguard doesn’t need the skill to deal with danger, but their work happens before the event occurs.

When looking forward to hiring or becoming a bodyguard, you need to learn everything about their role and responsibility. Know the salary of bodyguards to avoid over or underpayment when you hire or become one.

In addition to that, the team leader gives the rest morale and psyche, especially when carrying out a hazardous mission.

Specialised bodyguards also perform specific instructions that require careful handling. This may be explosives, computers among others.

The drivers also carry out their duty as per the instructions. They support the team by offering transport facilities, especially during emergencies.

Specific duties of a bodyguard

• Managing large crowd
• Performing background checks for staff, vendors, and new employees of the client
• Securing the right public location before the client attends a certain event.
• Being with the client in a public settings
• Identifying unauthorised people or suspicious behaviours
• Helping the client to flee from a security threat
• Checking faults at the client’s public and home venues.

Essentials of Good Body Guard

For a bodyguard to perform a quality job, they must have the following qualities that enhance performance.

They must have technical and physical skills to counterattack the opponent before the retreat.

In addition to technical and physical skills, they must also be smart and intelligent, forming various roles that may deal with the threat.

They must also possess discipline in attire, language, and reasoning. They talk less and focus more on the job.

Reasons for hiring a bodyguard

There are many reasons for an individual or an organization to hire bodyguards. They include protection from:
• Kidnapper
• Thieves
• Bad guys.

Also, an organization or a person may feel insecure depending on their role in society. For example, an organization that performs confidential functions may hire bodyguards to keep its secret.

The salary of a bodyguard

The private sector

This sector is large but not as compared to the public sector. However, the private sector may be even larger for a country with persons or organizations with great wealth.
The salary of a bodyguard will depend on the organization or the person being protected. Statistically, an IPS agent in the private sector earns between 150 Euros to 450 Euros per day.

Other sectors employ bodyguards based on a mostly annual contract, which is usually between 12000 to 14000 Euros.

The public Sector

They include police officers, armies, and government-trained intelligent personnel. Their remuneration, therefore, is based on seniority and job groups.
Statistically, they can earn 3500 to 4500 Euros per month.


The Security System is an important sector for persons, government, and private organisations. The work of bodyguards must be valued and supported to sustain them since their work is a bit tremendous.

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